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Growth Point Financial is a locally owned firm based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

We provide investment management services and retirement planning advice


Retirement Workshops


Growth Point Financial specializes in providing investment advice and retirement planning services. Growth Point is a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Pennsylvania. We are required by law to act as fiduciaries and in the best interests of our clients. We employ Certified Financial Planners and licensed investment professionals. 


John Burns founded Growth Point Financial with a simple idea- put the client first. John thinks investment decisions should be based on what’s good for the client, rather than what’s good for the advisor . Growth Point was built on that promise. He is committed to educating his clients about the investment industry and providing unbiased financial advice. 

Your Process



We help people manage their investments and plan their future. That’s a responsibility we take very seriously. From our first conversation, we listen and plan accordingly.  



Building a financial plan or investment portfolio is one thing. Making sure the client understands it is another. We don’t just construct a plan for you, we tell you why it works. We explain the fine print.



The buck stops here. We may have built a great plan, but did it work? Did our investment recommendations make any money? We review our plans regularly with our clients and make adjustments as needed.