We measure our success by how well our investment portfolios perform for our clients

Investment Advice

We have a deep understanding of the market, and we put that knowledge to work for our clients. Whether your goal is maximum growth, tax minimization, or stable income in retirement we can help.      

Portfolio Management

Building an investment portfolio is time consuming. Staying on top of market trends and knowing when to buy and sell is important. But most people do not have the time or knowledge to get it right. We can help. We monitor your portfolio and communicate our recommendations to you on a regular basis. 

401k & 403b Rollovers

You have spent a lifetime saving for retirement. Employer-based retirement plans have differing investment options and cost structures. As you approach retirement, you may want to take more control of your account through a tax-free rollover. We excel at working with employers to get this processed smoothly.     

Fixed-Income Strategies

The market is complex. Equities may earn higher returns but may also expose you to more risk. Fixed-Income may offer more stability. Move beyond bonds funds and learn how fixed-income strategies can help minimize market volatility, inflation risk, and taxes.  

Research & Recommendations

Need something else? We are happy to craft a personalized solution. We offer customized investment plans, research projects, financial advice, and general Q&A in private meetings. Whatever you aspire to, we can help get you there. 


Meet Growth Point?

Your goals. Our process.