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Our motto at Growth Point is Retirement Simplified

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning means putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. You spent a lifetime working hard, and you did a great job saving and investing your money. Now you need a plan to make it last the rest of your life. We do this every day. We can help you build a retirement plan that not only addresses your income needs, but also demystifies social security and Medicare. We explain how to correctly file for social security and maximize your monthly benefit. We review all your Medicare options and walk you through the sign-up process.      

Stable Income

At the end of the day, Retirement Planning is about income. The goal is to make sure you have enough money to last the rest of your life. If you can do that, you can retire comfortably. That’s where we come in. Growth Point Financial specializes in building retirement income plans. We explain the details of how retirement income works, help you evaluate your options, and review the pro’s and con’s of each. We are your partner in the decision making process.    

Social Security

Social Security is needlessly complicated. While the Social Security Administration provides good resources, there is simply too much information to process. We can help. As part of our Retirement Planning process, we focus on the details matter. For example, how to calculate your benefit at any given age, how to maximize your benefit, and how to evaluate the pro’s and con’s of filing if you are still working.  


Medicare is also needlessly complicated. In addition to wading through all the information about what Medicare does and does not cover, you will be inundated with marketing material from every insurance company in the nation. Who can you trust? As part of our Retirement Planning process, we will teach you everything you need to know about Medicare. We do not sell Medicare insurance. You can trust us.   


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