Minimize Your Taxes

Tax minimization means more money in your pocket. We think that’s a good thing. 

Tax Evaluation

Do you have an opportunity to reduce your taxes that you are not aware of? It may be easier than you think to reduce your taxable income. Most tax preparers manage hundreds of clients and simply do not have the time to explain the details. As part of our financial planning process, we help you review your tax liability and discuss minimization strategies.    

Tax Minimization

Tax laws are always changing. Getting the right information at the right time is critical. Although, your tax situation is specific to you there are common strategies that apply to most people. We make sure you understand the basic principles of tax reduction and how you can apply them to your own finances. After we cover the basics, we can move on to more advanced concepts, like tax efficient investing. 

Tax Efficient Investing

Taxes are one of your biggest expenses. Your investments may earn a great return but how much of it are you keeping after tax? Your after-tax returns are most important. Tax efficient investing strategies vary and depend on unique factors, like your age and income. But many people benefit by utilizing tax-free bonds, qualified account contributions, and loss harvesting. If you own real assets, like real estate or a business, your opportunities increase significantly. If you want to learn more about how Growth Point can help, request an appointment or register for one of our events. 

Growth Point Financial is not a licensed tax preparer or tax attorney. Tax information discussed here is for education only.  


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